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Institutes & Universities

Coursella for Institutions is the platform that connects your teachers, students and administrators in order to promote the learning process, even in the most sophisticated institutions.


Reach, and engage teachers, students, and administrators of your institution on one secure network.


Build communities that foster teamwork and provide them with the smart tools that help them improve learning outcomes.


Make sure your institution's identity shines in every interaction. Learners will see your logo, your colors and your vision.

We are redefining traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS). Coursella aims to make education more engaging and fun.

Med. Hichem Fendali, Co-founder & Manager.

1. Dashboard & Insights

Gain greater insight into user activities through a secure, real-time interface with the ability to measure engagement and adoption across your institution.

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Measure engagement inside your institution through smart statistics and activity notifications.

Users management

Customize registration settings, group users into communities and seamlessly reach anyone inside your institution.

Content management

Because your learning content is important, Coursella helps you securely organize it and then share it with the right students.

2. Empower your administrators

Give your administrators the tools that help them easily reach teachers and students of your institution.

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Custom privileges

Even the most distributed hierarchies can be securely managed on Coursella, so each member of your staff is able to participate.

Targeted announcements

Announce grades, events and interesting information directly to the right group of users.


Create and share targeted timetables for your users and they'll seamlessly find them on their personal calendars.

3. Your brand, your colors

It is your institution's network and it should match your institution's colors.

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Choose from a variation of styles and skins that are made to match any institution's brand.

Your logo

Show your logo instead of ours.

Your subdomain

Use your own subdomain so your users can feel at home.

More Features

Hosted in the Cloud

With our reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure, there's nothing to install, patch, or upgrade. Ever.


From SSL encryption to handpicking of the most robust technologies. Your educational content is in good hands.


Language is no longer a barrier. Coursella is fully available in English, Arabic and French, and your users can individually switch language with just a click.

Rich settings

Every feature can be adapted from the dashboard. Easily customize everything to match your institution's process.

Automated backups

Your data is backed up every night and stored securely off-site, so you rest assured that your learning content is always safe.


We've built Coursella for Institutions with institutions. Your feedback defines every feature and your insight gives life to our community.

  Support & Assistance

Ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, online and on telephone, our team is here to assist your institution getting the most out of Coursella.

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Prestigious institutions like MDI Algiers and INSIM Annaba have decided to join the Coursella experience this year. Do the same and enhance the learning expérience inside your institution too.

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