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Teachers & Students

You need the potential to connect and communicate. Coursella provides you with the tools that let you easily manage your courses, organize your time, and communicate with no distractions, anytime, anywhere.


No unnecessary bells or whistles - just a tool your class will love.


Gives students and teachers new ways to engage, participate, and express themselves.


Safety is built right in. Determine who can join courses and ensure they remain private.


Creating a paperless classroom, or simply connecting your ordinary one. It's your say.

1. Connect and communicate

Easily share interesting content with fellow students.

Even when you're outside the class, stay connected with students and colleagues.
Real-time notifications
Always stay up to date with your academic priorities.
Private messages
No more email lists. With only one click, send messages to any or all of your class students.

2. Organize your Time

Never miss a deadline again. Just put your important events on Coursella and get reminded whenever something is due.

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  Course calendar

Easily keep dates of your next exam, your long awaited field trip or just the day to day class hours.

  Personal calendar

Even if you've got multiple courses, find all of your agenda in a single place, your personal calendar.


Rest easy that whenever something important is due, Coursella will remind you and your students so you can prepare for success in advance.

3. Manage your Library

Coursella lets teachers share and organize their class material, files, notes and links, so their fellow students can easily access them anytime, anywhere.

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  All of your files

Save any kind of file interesting for your course. From docs to presentations to videos.


Your library is intuitively arranged, so you always know where to look for your class material.

  Always available

Anywhere you go, your files are right there with you, only a tap away.

4. Evaluate students

Publish online assignments on Coursella and regularly evaluate your students so you can always stay on top of their progression.

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  Online assignments

Teachers love online assignments and students too. Easily post assignments, quizzes and polls.


Automatically enter grades for homework assigned within Coursella or within the classroom then announce the good news to everyone individually.

  Badges soon

Every student is brilliant. Recognize student achievements with Badges.

Anytime, anywhere

All you need is an internet connection to study or teach with Coursella – it's that simple.
Always connected
Access your account whenever and wherever you want, in campus or from the comfort of your couch.
Mobile applications soon
Available for free for all of your devices.

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Students and teachers from all over Algeria (and the world) are using Coursella to manage their courses this year. Jump on in and make your academic life easier too.

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